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Milestones in Web Development – Nubiz Observing Closely the Different Timelines to Build the Capability and Serve the Needful

January 29, 2019

Nubiz is remembering the evolution the web development has achieved till this point in time by quoting the useful milestones broke out at different timelines. Building on those landmark successes, web development has been facilitating the users globally in different ways. Nubiz tributes to those involved in disrupting the web development and making it of such vital use to everyone worldwide that itself has now become the driving force of revolution.   

Web development has evolved to such a point now that it is presenting the users with new wonders to do through the web and mobile applications using a computer and mobile devices. An estimate says that the expected increase from 8.4 billion in 2017 to 50 billion in 2020 would get to experience many revolutionary evolutions in web development. Remember 2004 when Gmail newly launched, its responsible features were appreciated by the users worldwide. And then the subsequent years were quite innovative as well as landmarks in terms of web development, as in 2005 YouTube came into existence and amazed everyone globally with its video streaming amazement.

The next year of 2006 saw the inception of jQuery that aided in further revolutionizing the web development. Its developer then was college graduate transformed into a prominent figure in the field of web development with his continuous progressive works in developing the web for good and for all in the successive years. iPhone by Apple launched in 2007 hence forced people to believe in a revolution in mobile development as well. The landmark phone was of potential to perform multiple tasks that were not believed to be done through a mobile device until the inception of iPhone. Apple went further with its revolutionary development and introduced App Store to encourage the Apple developers to have their development works stored here for further use by the iPhone users.

The App Store didn’t only establish a landmark but also handed the iOS-based developers a place where they could publish their works to be sold to the iPhone users in their compatible mobile devices. The subsequent years have seen Google and Windows following the same feat with their respective Play Stores launched at different time points. 2010 saw JavaScript Frameworks unfolded that aided the web development with reduced web page load time, its security, and usability. As till the arrival of 2010, the web development scenario turned around with the breaking out of the disruptive technologies in form of Gmail, jQuery, iPhone and App Store to name a few major ones. Also, the eCommerce was to come into existence in the year 2010 that needed the above-mentioned attributes of reduced load time, security, and usability to be included in the web development for fulfilling user experience.

By the time we will go forward in future, web development would have received further evolutions to be more progressive, practical, and personalized. Nubiz, being a close observer to the existing challenges and future expectations, is building itself the capabilities that could aid it to not only overcome the existing challenges but also fulfill the future expectations.

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