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Native Mobile Applications, Services Offered by Nubiz, Driving a Great Part of the Existing Digital Revolution

December 19, 2018

The necessity of smartphones has handed utmost ease to the users in getting the world of services at their fingertips. The force behind transforming smartphones into power packed devices lies in smart applications running on them. Developing such smart mobile operating applications is the work of expert hands, like professionals in Nubiz, have built revolutionary smartphone applications, driving a revolution. That revolution gets an additional drive when the efficiency of native development enriches mobile applications to be more interactive and intuitive.      

The growing significance of smartphones has caused a surge in mobile application development in recent times. The expert hands that are taking that app-based development forward have two choices, whether to go by the hybrid or the native way. Though both the mobile app development mediums have own pros and cons, yet the native app development is seeming more fit into the existing app-based requirements. The efficiency of the developed native applications is a crucial factor in allowing users to perform the desired operations by going through the minimum functional layers for quick and exact results. Nubiz, a Gurgaon based IT firm has even more good reasons to Native way of developing high-performing and efficient mobile applications, like;

Native Applications, the Peak Performers

Being built specifically for a platform, be it Android or iOS, the native apps utilize device’ resources like processing speed to perform fast thus facilitating the users to navigate through its different sections and getting quick results. Precisely, the native applications are stored inside specific platform-oriented devices thus they function sharing device’ hardware to execute quickly the outcome against any action that is performed over them. Nubiz has been into native application development for a few years and has built different need-based apps to perform a variety of functions. Since the development firm has a good client retention rate, they’re looking for more opportunities to fulfill active app-based requirements. As the app has an upper hand over hybrid and web applications, the market has a high demand for them.

Originand the Progression of the App                                                                   

The native app has different languages at its base for Android and iOS-based developments like Java or Kotlin is used for Android apps while Objective-C or Swift is used for iOS-based mobile application development. Since native apps are platform specific, it reduces the dependency to the third party thus the chances to receive bugs while their development progresses. Also, developers rely on their own software development kit (SDK), Interface Elements, and Development Tools, the development process takes less time to come to reality. The above-mentioned native app’ advantages give it an edge over the hybrid and web applications. And, now when having a smartphone is a necessity, Nubiz with its specialized skills is offering customized solutions in native app development as per the user’ needs.

Enhanced Security and Improved Features     

Native applications are unlike web or hybrid applications that increasingly rely on different browsers and underlying technologies, say HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, as mentioned earlier, the native app development does not require third party resources that reduces the likely cause of bugs to route into the app development by deploying the third-party resources. As basically native development is done through developers own SDK, Interface Elements, and Development Tools, it lowers the chances of causing bugs to the minimum or none to the native apps in the development. It is clear that being platform specific, the native apps perform fast and remain responsive as well as they inherit from the OS interfaces of the installed devices to resemble familiar in look and feel as if an integrated part of the installed devices.  

Allows Users to be Quickly Familiar with the App

Being platform-specific, native applications follow a preset of guidelines related to the OS that eases their flow and make familiar to that OS bound users; easing user’ learning curve as well thus allowing them to be familiar quickly with the native app’ functionality, using their’ already in use gestures and actions. Nubiz, being a progressive IT firm bound to the Gurgaon location, has been offering a seamless native app experience to its clients for a few years to realize their native app-based various projects. The OS-specific native apps have enhanced as well as aligned user’ experience with that OS, and app’ flow has also matured with recent updates thus is more efficient and smoother now to provide users a unique experience through app’ optimized performance. Unlike hybrid or web, native applications utilize OS’ resources better and offer users the efficiency of performing any action over the applications. They’re secure, less dependent, fast, and OS specific thus take the app development to be more competitive and, above all, revolutionary with their OS-specific performance. Nubiz has sensed earlier the practicability of the Native applications in present smartphone driven scenario where mobile applications are forming a greatportion of the digital revolution.

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